JOOLA Launches Gen 3 Paddle Line-Up Featuring Revolutionary Technology

JOOLA Launches Gen 3 Paddle Line-Up Featuring Revolutionary Technology

Rockville, MD (4/16/24)  JOOLA Pickleball is thrilled to unveil the latest revolution in paddle technology for the 2024 season. Not only are the Perseus and Scorpeus getting an upgrade, but JOOLA is adding two new paddles to the Gen 3 lineup.  

What’s getting an upgrade:  

The Gen 3 paddles come with an enhanced, vibrant, colorful edge guard and feature a revolutionary patent-pending “Propulsion Core” that will usher in a new era of innovation and playing experience on the court. “The new technology allows for explosive power on drives, counters, and speed ups, but with refined feel and control on dinks, drops, and resets” says Austin Kim, Product Manager at JOOLA. The “Propulsion Core” was engineered to create a “catapult effect” that helps the paddle react to your playstyle and equips each paddle with extreme power and pin-point control at the net.  

NFC Chip: 

Each Gen 3 paddle comes stocked with a Near Field Communication (NFC) Chip — a feature new to pickleball entirely. The NFC chip offers users the ability to authenticate their paddle by registering it to the JOOLA website and earn an extended 12-month warranty. Users will also have access to exclusive educational content curated on the JOOLA Infinity App.  

What’s new: 

With the exciting announcement of Tyson McGuffin joining Team JOOLA at the start of 2024, pickleball enthusiasts everywhere have been eagerly awaiting the release of his new signature paddle. Well, Magnus has arrived. The Magnus features a longer paddle surface and a shorter handle and is sure to crush “Ferrari forehands” and one-handed backhands. Thanks to its elongated paddle face, the Magnus offers extended reach without sacrificing a generous sweet spot. In addition to its distinctive shape, the Magnus incorporates all the identical technological components of the Gen 3 Perseus and Scorpeus paddles.  

Gen 3 Lineup:  

To ensure Gen 3 paddles meet JOOLA’s standards of quality and playability, we captured real time feedback from our roster of athletes. The Ben Johns Perseus and Hyperion, Collin Johns and Anna Bright Scorpeus, and the brand-new Tyson McGuffin Magnus model will be available in both 16 & 14mm. The Simone Jardim Hyperion 3 will be available in 16mm. Gen 3 paddles are now available to purchase at or at an authorized JOOLA seller starting April 23rd. 

About JOOLA  

JOOLA has been a pioneer in table tennis since its establishment in 1952. In 2022, its expansion into pickleball quickly attracted the biggest names in the sport. As a sponsor of major professional pickleball tours, associations, and to top athletes in the game, the team at JOOLA combines its expertise with fresh perspectives to bring synergy and innovation to the pickleball market. JOOLA creates a variety of equipment, apparel, and accessories for pickleball players, both professional and recreational. JOOLA is based in Rockville, MD, and is owned by Sport Squad, Inc. Learn more about JOOLA and see why the sport’s best are joining Team JOOLA by visiting 




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