Team JOOLA New Gen 3 Paddles at US Open and PPA LA Open

Team JOOLA  New Gen 3 Paddles at US Open and PPA LA Open

US Open and PPA LA Open Recap:

The vibes of the weekend were off the charts with the launch of JOOLA’s next generation of paddles coming to the market. The new paddles were featured at both tournaments of the weekend – the US Open in Naples, Florida and the PPA LA Open in Fountain Valley, CA. With the new technology in hand, JOOLA players in both events saw podium finishes. For full results of both tournaments, click here.

Simone Jardim (US Open):

Simone Jardim saw two podium finishes at the US Open, grabbing silver in two events. Competing alongside Allison Harris in Women’s Doubles, Jardim made her way into the Championship match. After a long-fought battle, Jardim & Harris dropped to the mother-daughter duo of Anna Leigh Waters and Leigh Waters 11-5, 11-5. Jardim captured another silver medal in the Mixed Split Age category competing alongside Jaime Oncins. Finally, Jardim and Oncins ultimately fell to Andrei Daescu and Lee Whitwell to take silver. Simone debuted her new signature paddle, the Simone Jardim Gen 3 Hyperion.  

Milan Rane (US Open):

Another JOOLA player to collect a medal at the US Open was Milan Rane. Competing in the Women’s Split Age bracket alongside partner Suzanne Leblang, Rane was able to secure bronze. In the bronze medal match, Rane & Leblang took out Martina Frantova and Christine Karges to secure the medal. Rane plays with the Anna Bright Gen 3 Scorpeus 14.

Ben Johns (PPA LA):

Ben Johns was back in action this weekend in sunny California for the PPA LA Open with the launch of two new Ben Johns paddles. The Ben Johns Gen 3 Perseus 16 is Johns’ current paddle of choice, with the Ben Johns Hyperion being the original shape of the Ben Johns paddle line. With the Perseus in hand, Johns was able to capture two medals at the PPA LA Open. Remaining dominant alongside his brother, Johns took home gold in Men’s Doubles in an intense five-set battle against Tyson McGuffin and Jaume Martinez-Vich.  In Mixed Doubles, Johns partnered up with his third different partner of the year, Anna Bright. Facing the challenges of a new partnership, Johns and Bright fell to Vivienne David and Thomas Wilson in four games, 11-13, 8-11, 11-8, 3-11.

Collin Johns (PPA LA):

As another JOOLA signature player, Collin Johns had exciting news as the Gen 3 Collin Johns Scorpeus 16 hit the market. While Collin is known for almost always being on the podium in Men’s Doubles, it’s extremely rare to see him medaling in another category. However, with that Gen 3 magic – Johns was able to find another podium finish. Playing alongside Tina Pisnik, Johns was able to make a deep run into the Mixed Doubles bracket at the PPA LA Open. Johns & Pisnik took out the established duo of Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova in three games in the quarterfinals, before losing to B. Johns/Bright in the semifinals. In the bronze medal match, Johns & Pisnik got the best of McGuffin and Meghan Dizon, 11-6, 11-5.

Tyson McGuffin (PPA LA):

After battling an injury, Tyson McGuffin was back in action at the PPA LA Open. Following the drop of his new signature paddle, the Magnus, McGuffin was fired up and ready to go. Partnering with Jaume Martinez-Vich, McGuffin battled his way into Championship Sunday. Having to face the best team in the world, McGuffin and Martinez-Vich put on a show that had the crowd raving for the entire five set match. With a match-up that could’ve gone either way, McGuffin and Martinez-Vich fell 11-7, 9-11, 9-11, 11-8, 6-11 to take silver.

Federico Staksurd (PPA LA):

Federico Staksrud remained the most dominant singles player of the year as he appeared in his eighth consecutive Championship Sunday for Men’s Singles. On his way, Staksrud easily handled Quang Duong and Roscoe Bellamy to claim his spot in the finals. In the finals he faced Connor Garnett, another player hungry for his first PPA title. Unfortunately, Staksrud came up short after coming out to a hot start – ultimately dropping to Garnett 11-7, 9-11, 4-11. Staksrud plays with the Ben Johns Gen 3 Perseus 14.

Anna Bright (PPA LA):

Anna Bright remained a dominant force on the PPA Tour, capitalizing on the tournaments missed by other top female pros Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau. In addition, excitement buzzed around Bright as she announced the launch of her latest Anna Bright Gen 3 Scorpeus 14. With her new vibrant paddle in hand, Bright dominated the Women’s Doubles draw for the fourth time this season. Battling alongside Rachel Rohrabacher, they didn’t drop a game as they claimed the championship. In Mixed Doubles, Bright partnered up with Ben Johns for the first time this season to take silver.

Vivian Glozman & Lacy Schneemann (PPA LA):

Vivian Glozman was back in tournament play at the PPA LA Open after a brief hiatus since the Masters earlier this year. Glozman partnered up with fellow JOOLA teammate Lacy Schneemann, to make some unexpected upsets in the draw. Taking out Lea Jansen/Lucy Kovalova and Etta Wright/Meghan Dizon on the way, Glozman and Schneemann claimed their spot in Championship Sunday. After an incredible run, they weren’t able to compete with the one-seed of Bright & Rohrabacher – falling in three straight games in the finals. Additionally, Schneemann made a deep run into the singles bracket, ultimately claiming fourth place after falling to Kaitlyn Christian in the bronze medal match. Glozman plays with the Ben Johns Perseus 14 while Schneemann plays with the Collin Johns Gen 3 Scorpeus 16.

Etta Wright (PPA LA):

Etta Wright claimed another medal in Women’s Doubles at the PPA LA Open alongside partner Meghan Dizon. After falling in the semifinals to Glozman/Schneemann, Wright & Dizon were able to battle back to take the bronze. Wright and Dizon faced the sister duo of Mary and Maggie Brascia in the bronze medal match, winning 11-9, 5-11, 11-9. Wright plays with the Ben Johns Gen 3 Perseus 16.

Brooke Buckner (PPA LA):

Brooke Buckner had herself a weekend as she claimed her first ever Women’s Singles title on the PPA tour. Buckner didn’t drop a game as she made her way into the finals, battling past Layne Sleeth and Lacy Schneemann. In the finals, Buckner dominated against Lauren Stratman, handily beating her with scores of 11-8, 11-0. Buckner plays with the Ben Johns Gen 3 Perseus 14.

Medal List:

Simone Jardim – Silver: Women’s Doubles, Silver: Split Age Mixed Doubles

Milan Rane – Bronze: Split Age Doubles

Ben Johns- Gold: Men’s Doubles, Silver: Mixed Doubles

Collin – Gold: Men’s Doubles, Bronze: Mixed Doubles

Tyson McGuffin – Silver: Men’s Doubles

Federico Staksrud – Silver: Men’s Singles

Anna Bright – Gold: Women’s Doubles, Silver: Mixed Doubles

Vivian Glozman- Silver: Women’s Doubles

Lacy Schneemann- Silver: Women’s Doubles

Etta Wright- Bronze: Women’s Doubles

Brooke Buckner- Gold: Women’s Singles




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