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GRUVN Great Bustard 1.0 18K Diamond Padel Racket

GRUVN Great Bustard 1.0 18K Diamond Padel Racket

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• Shape: Diamond
• Balance: Even, Medium-High
• Weight: 365+ -10g
• Face Material: 18K Carbon Fiber

• Game Style: Power
• Player Type: Experienced, Advanced Pro
• Frame: Full Carbon
• Core: 17-degree black EVA
• Thickness: 38mm
• Length: 460mm
• Rubber: EVA
• Finish: Matte with sanded rough surface (medium roughness)
• Smart Holes Lineal
• Sweet Spot is about 265+/-10mm

> Also includes:
• Wrist strap with embroidered GRUVN logo
• An extra white overgrip and black overgrip
• Head protector

• This 18K carbon fiber paddle has maximum stiffness and strength while maintaining its lightness due to the best interlaced carbon microfilaments.
 AVS (Anti Vibration System) has been developed during the production process for vibrations caused by off-center hits
• A sanded rough texture with a medium roughness level has been applied to the surface to increase the friction between the racket and the ball, allowing the ball to stay on the racket longer and generate more spin on your shots
• Carbon frame provides greater durability and rigidity
• The core has a dense rubber that speeds up the racket core’s recovery time to its state before hitting the ball, reaching maximum power

The Great Bustard name:
When thinking about names for our padel rackets, we decided to name them after animals that were native to Spain, as that is where padel is most popular. One of those animals is the Great Bustard. The adult male Great Bustard is believed to be the heaviest flying bird on earth. The species is gregarious, and adult females have been known to outrun red foxes (Vulpes vulpes), which can reach 48 km/h (30 mph). Huge, heavily built and robust, but stately in appearance, adult male bustards can be identified by their bulging neck, heavy chest and characteristically cocked tail. Their flight has a powerful and regular wing beat action, making rapid progress with a top flight speed of 50mph. Because the diamond shape of padel rackets is made for power, we named this padel racket after the powerful Great Bustard.

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