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Selkirk AMPED Pro Air - Epic Paddle

Selkirk AMPED Pro Air - Epic Paddle

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The AMPED Pro Air is the pickleball paddle for players who refuse to compromise on their game. 

Crafted to deliver balanced power and control in one uncompromising paddle, the AMPED Pro Air offers the smooth, familiar feel of an all-court paddle, alongside the next-level technology necessary to dominate on the court. 

Easy to maneuver in the transition zone and boasting a manageable weight during intense rallies, the AMPED Pro Air provides solid power and good touch for resets, catering to both power players and those who appreciate finesse. The blend of power and control makes it suitable for competitive play, offering players the edge they need to dominate the game.

The Selkirk AMPED Pro Air includes several technological enhancements when compared to the previous Selkirk AMPED paddles. 

  • A New Face: Marking a milestone in performance technology and a new benchmark for the industry, the AMPED Pro Air’s FiberFlex+ Fiberglass Face provides an ideal balance of power and consistency.
  • An Improved Core: Taking a progressive leap from the original X5 Core, the AMPED Pro Air’s Honeycomb 16mm Core offers next-level control, power, and sweet spot reliability.
  • An Upgraded Design: Incorporating advanced, proprietary design features, the AMPED Pro Air achieves enhanced power, precision, aerodynamics, and ball control.
  • An Improved Grip: Designed to enhance player control and court agility, the octagonal grip on the AMPED Pro Air offers comfort while elevating shot precision and responsiveness.
  • An Enhanced Texture: Originally developed in Selkirk Labs, the AMPED Pro Air uses the ProSpin+ Texture for a more durable spin surface that offers incredible consistency and precision in shaping the ball.


Skill Level: Beginner to Pro
Average Midweight: 7.8 - 8.2
Paddle Height: 15.75”
Paddle Width: 8”
Core Thickness: 16mm
Grip Length: 5.25”
Grip Circumference: 4.25”
Sweet spot size: 7
Assembled in the USA
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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